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The opportunity for a luxurious Caribbean vacation is often what gives many American families enough of a reason to press on in these difficult and trying times. The Caribbean is an area of great beauty with crystal clear, warm waters that are teaming with life. The beaches are pristine and picturesque. It's these reasons that the islands have the reputation that they do, along with the mostly unspoiled waters, the beautiful wildlife and the warm waters that put it at a stark contrast with the rest of the beaches in the mainland United States. When compared to the costly venture to the Hawaiian Islands, the Caribbean is the much more palatable destination for vacations filled with warm sunshine and an ocean that beckons to all for a long, relaxing swim.

Truly, this is a large part of what gives the Caribbean islands the reputation that they have, and the reputation is well deserved. The sort of wildlife that fills their oceans is unlike that seen anywhere else in the world. The opportunity to either strap on a Scuba tank or to pick up a snorkel is simply too strong to resist. There's nary a soul who is either able to swim or willing to learn how to swim that would pass up a chance to swim alongside a sea turtle, knowing that the creature that glides along aside them has been alive since the Lincoln administration. These treasures are priceless in the truest sense of the word, especially when taken together with family, which is the strongest allure presented by these islands and the vacation opportunities that they present.

The connection that such a resonant and vibrant vacation can create between family members is the best reason of all for these trips into a previously unknown location. As easy as it is to view such a thing in a cynical light, only the coldest of hearts could possibly dismiss this side of the equation with a wave of the hand. The time that's given to any family to enjoy one another's presence and to learn from one another is all too short for even the closest families. When this is taken into hand, along with the vibrant oceans, the beautiful sea life, the golden beaches and the beautiful, warm sun, the entire idea seems to be tailor made for memories that will last anyone a lifetime. This is the stuff that families will scrimp and save and sacrifice for over a period of years to have. The opportunity to live in a way that exceeds the station that a family occupies is an opportunity that is all but impossible to resist. And, after all, as long as it doesn't risk any harm to a family's long-term goals and desires, the harm that's possible is minimal.

This is what the American Dream is all about; a taste, a suggestion and an opportunity for more, aside from the whiff of a life better than the one that most of us have to deal with. We take the life that we have, we put it on our backs and we press forward through it all on the whispered chance for our grasp to meet our reach, for the ability to have that life that we've yearned for, if only for a few magical moments. And, just like any beautiful dream, it's very temporary and it's fleeting, but in all of the best ways. Just like any wonderful dream that's ever lived in the lives of any single person, it's the suggestions that the dream contains, that make life worthwhile, that make it all okay in the end.

In a way, a Caribbean vacation is emblematic of the American Dream. It's a chance to rise above the workaday world and to be someone else, if only for a short amount of time that's all too disproportionate when compared to what we have to do in order to have it. Despite the various problems that are embodied in such a dream, it's worth having just for that moment in the sunshine, for those memories that can push us on through even the most difficult of times. The trip of a lifetime is something that makes that lifetime worth living through.

Caribbean Travel Tips - Plan Your Caribbean Cruise

Many individuals travel to Caribbean and there are a lot of reasons why they choose to do so. Caribbean vacations can be a wonderful way to relax, see new sights and make memories. Caribbean islands vacations areas are quite varied, so travelers must first decide what location they would like to see. Some choose to stay put and stay on one part of an island, while others like to explore the Caribbean and see as much of it as they can during their stay.

It's good to have a plan when traveling in general, and the Caribbean is no exception. Even the most free-spirited travelers will need to figure out certain broad details, such as what country they would like to see, how long they want to stay, where they will be staying, and of course, how they will get there.

A popular choice is to take a Caribbean cruise. While flying is faster and usually means you will get to spend more vacation time actually at your destination, there are lots of perks to sailing. With a cruise, the trip is about both the destination and the journey. The vacation starts immediately with a cruise, since there are lots of ways to stay entertained on a cruise ship! Live entertainment - such as comedians, musicians, and even plays – is almost always provided. Cruise ships are loaded with elaborate restaurants, game rooms, and most even have spas. If the point of the vacation is to relax, then a cruise ship can jump start the relaxation process. The cruise ship will serve as the "hotel" for the traveler while they tour the Caribbean by day.

Another excellent aspect of taking a Caribbean cruise is that cruise lines often offer off-boat excursions. The way it works is that passengers can sign up for the excursion that interests them, pay a fee, and then participate in the excursion once they reach their destination. This one-stop shopping mentality is all-inclusive and convenient, and there are lots of excursions to choose from. A popular one is swimming with dolphins. For a set fee, tourists can spend some time with several dolphins – often under the supervision of a dolphin trainer. Snorkeling is another popular choice, as is scuba diving.


Best Caribbean Islands Vacations

From time to time, we all need to get out and go on a vacation to enjoy ourselves. When we live the same routine day in and day out, life tends to get dull and boring. If you are going through a lot of stress and would like some adventure, you should look into a vacation or at least plan on it.

Traveling to Caribbean islands is very popular, so you can count on finding many Caribbean vacation packages. You can find deals and discounts if you book your Caribbean vacation on the Internet. You will be able to choose the dates, exactly where you want to go, how you will get to this destination and the activities you wish to do.

Caribbean islands are not just a tropical paradise with natural beauty; they are also the home of some great accommodation choices! Depending on what you are looking for and, of course, your budget, there are a number of fantastic options for a place to stay. There are all-inclusive resorts, high-end hotels, moderate hotels, villas, lodges, and more. Although the all-inclusive resorts are the most expensive, the "all-inclusive" factor, meaning that you pay one price for accommodations, meals and entertainment, it is very appealing to tourists, making it the first choice when they travel to Caribbean.

A very popular Caribbean destination is Jamaica. Some tourists agree that Jamaica offers one of the best Caribbean islands vacations. The friendly atmosphere is definitely something to enjoy about this island. Jamaican people are easy going people that enjoy living outdoors in the cooling breezes and fabulous sunshine. You might think there is nothing really going on in Jamaica, but the truth is that there is always a great deal of things going on like music, literature, painting and architecture. The unique blend of races and cultures with a restless creativity and an ironic sense of humor make Jamaican people very special. Their way of life is captivating and it is certainly worth it to mingle with these unique people.

For a quiet, secluded Caribbean vacation full of rest, privacy, and scenery, the Blue Mountains are a sound choice. The high altitudes mean the nights are cooler, and the distant placement from the rest of the country allows for a calm getaway. Tourists do not have to stay in the Blue Mountains to enjoy them, though. Hiking in this area is a popular activity, and tourists can choose to have a guide or not. One could devote an entire day or more to the Blue Mountains National Park, which boasts high altitudes and a hilly setting that will challenge even seasoned hikers. Hikers can also enjoy another destination: Dunn's River Falls and Park. The waterfall can be enjoyed by hikers and non-hikers alike.

A trip to Jamaica is simply incomplete without checking out the birth home and burial ground of Bob Marley. A tour guide leads the group through the house, as well as a lush garden, and there is often a short documentary shown about the late singer/activist. An on-site restaurant and gift shop are also available.

Avid golfers can choose from an assortment of courses, including the White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course and the Tryall Club (both located in Montego Bay).

Jamaica has lots of beaches that are at the disposal of tourists. The Boston Bay Beach in Port Antonio, Seven Mile Beach in Negril, and Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio are all scenic and fun, with bright blue waters, expansive shores, and great views. Some of these are free, but a few require that visitors pay a fee, and some also require reservations. Click here to learn more about Jamaica vacations!

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